A joint exhibition event of character figures sponsored by Megahouse Co., Ltd.!
In addition to displaying the latest figures
from exhibiting manufacturers in the exhibition space,
A talk stage by voice actors and animation production staff was held
at the event space in the venue !!
The first meeting was held in 2008 as a business meeting for wholesalers and stores.
Since 2009, it has been held mainly at the Akihabara UDX Building in May and November !!!
From 2020, it will be held as an online event called "Mega Hobby EXPO Online".
And in 2022 ... !!!!!

The figure festival will finally be held in offline!


After three online editions, The Mega Hobby EXPO is coming back to Akihabara.
It’s been 3 years since 2019!

What is attractive about an offline event is the uplifting and exciting feelings you can experience in person!

What is appealing about an online event is that you can join from anywhere in the world!
The upcoming Mega Hobby EXPO doubles the opportunities, which you can enjoy both offline and online!

The theme of this year "NEW DOT" means:
"Dots (Points) of New Beginnings"!
We will deliver you a bit different, and more powerful Mega Hobby EXPO!
Mega Hobby EXPO 2022 NEW DOT, that you can enjoy both offline and online.
Don't miss it!